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We know you like to keep it fresh when shopping at Trenchtown. That is why we are bringing you a whole bag full of new goodies to take home ane enjoy. Take a look!

710 Live Sugar, Live Rosin & Water Hash

Glacier Live Resin & Wax

Natty Rems Live Resin 500 mg Carts

Bullet 500 mg Disposables

Spherex 300 mg Disposables

Natty Rems Live Resin Gummies

Coda Fruit Notes

Cheeba Chews THCV Energy Taffy

Coda Muscle & Skin Salves


Recreational and Medical Cannabis Products

We carry some of the highest quality cannabis products. Browse our menu to learn more.

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Customer Reviews

I love Trenchtown. The flower is still in glass jars. It can be seen, and smelled… the quality flower I get here is always top notch! (Not prepackaged flower).

Renee C.

This is my favorite dispensary in Denver! Every time I visit this is a requirement. If you’ve never been go and ask about the new customer discount!

Lee S.

This dispensary spot is set back from the road a little, but is definitely worth keeping an eye out for! This cute shop has med and rec for sale, and the staff was really friendly and knowledgeable when I came in.

Mia J.

I love Trenchtown they are the best. They have the best strains at affordable prices as well as friendly staff. I would recommend trenchtown to all my friends and family.

Ashley B.

I am a veteran with PTSD, and I got my med card for the first time two years ago and I lived in the apartments right behind Trenchtown, instantly I was hooked when I tried their weed.

Austin M.