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People across the world have been smoking cannabis for thousands of years for spiritual, medicinal, and recreational reasons. This hardy plant can be grown indoors and outdoors. Usually, people will plant seeds in the spring and enjoy the harvest in the fall when growing outdoor plants. The plant has two main types, indica, and sativa. Indica plants are shorter with wider leaves. The medicine from Indica plants gives you strong medicinal effects with a heavy relaxing high. Sativa plants are tall with long and narrow leaves. Medicine from Sativa plants gives you a more energetic high with loads of creativity.

Get to Know Cannabis with Trenchtown Cannabis

The main compounds in the cannabis plant are cannabinoids and terpenes which provide amazing medicinal benefits. The main cannabinoids of the cannabis plant that are well known are THC and CBD. THC gives you the feeling of being high, while CBD is non-psychoactive. Terpenes are what provide the different scents and flavors of the plant. When using a combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, you get what is called the entourage effect. These compounds interact with your endocannabinoid system. This system is what maintains balance within your body. With the entourage effect, you get a high feeling along with relief from various symptoms and troubles within the body.

Got Questions about Cannabis?

Different ways to consume cannabis include vaping, smoking, eating, dabbing, and topical applications. You can smoke cannabis flower with bongs, pipes, joints, or blunts. You can vape cannabis extracts with a vaporizer or you can use a vaporizer that will vape your flower. Extracts are more potent, so they tend to be the preferred choice when vaping. Dabbing is using your rig or water pipe with a special nail attached to vape your flower. You heat up the nail with a torch and typically use a dabbing tool to put the extract inside and pull the vapor through your rig. You can enjoy edibles purchased from a dispensary or you can make your own with extracts. If you have any questions related to how cannabis works or how it can improve our lives, call Trenchtown Cannabis today at 303-495-3531 and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions about cannabis.

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I love Trenchtown they are the best. They have the best strains at affordable prices as well as friendly staff. I would recommend trenchtown to all my friends and family.

Ashley B.

I love Trenchtown. The flower is still in glass jars. It can be seen, and smelled… the quality flower I get here is always top notch! (Not prepackaged flower).

Renee C.

This dispensary spot is set back from the road a little, but is definitely worth keeping an eye out for! This cute shop has med and rec for sale, and the staff was really friendly and knowledgeable when I came in.

Mia J.

This is my favorite dispensary in Denver! Every time I visit this is a requirement. If you’ve never been go and ask about the new customer discount!

Lee S.

I am a veteran with PTSD, and I got my med card for the first time two years ago and I lived in the apartments right behind Trenchtown, instantly I was hooked when I tried their weed.

Austin M.