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When it’s time, it’s time. We have discussed a remodel of the flagship Trenchtown storefront for years. There has always been an excuse to put it off. “420 is coming up, it will be too busy.” “Summer travel season is upon us.” “Nobody wants to deal with this during the holidays, right?

But this year is different. If there ever was a time to challenge existing norms and processes, it is 2020. We finally pulled the trigger. We submitted our plans to the City & County of Denver/State of Colorado in March. While it seemed we were last in line behind the many restaurants that needed emergency outdoor dining submittals approved, our time eventually came and our plan was signed off.

The plan looked quite different pre-covid vs. post-covid. Walls had to come down. Hallways needed to go. Busy waiting rooms, goodbye. And we pledged to never shut down during the process, and while complicated, we have kept our promise. The entire floor plan is open and it has never felt so good to have so much space.

What can you expect in the future? Other than a total makeover cosmetically, you can expect large digital menus for easier ordering and product ideas. You can expect more point of sales for both medical and recreational. You can expect more education and FAQ’s answered for you. You will see branded spaces from our most coveted vendors. And maybe even a self check-out area if the technology and regulation allow for it.

We have already implemented online ordering and faster customer pick-ups. With a completely new point of sale system supplied by Flowhub and a slick online ordering system built by Dutchie, we have greatly improved the customer experience. We also have a text-based reservation system at check-in, so you can safely sit in your car if there happens to be a couple of people ahead you.

And don’t worry, the most important thing remains. Us. One of the last independently owned and operated cannabis companies in Colorado, going strong for 10 plus years. And the credit goes to you, all because people like you care to shop with a community that cares right back!

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Customer Reviews

I am a veteran with PTSD, and I got my med card for the first time two years ago and I lived in the apartments right behind Trenchtown, instantly I was hooked when I tried their weed.

Austin M.

I love Trenchtown. The flower is still in glass jars. It can be seen, and smelled… the quality flower I get here is always top notch! (Not prepackaged flower).

Renee C.

I love Trenchtown they are the best. They have the best strains at affordable prices as well as friendly staff. I would recommend trenchtown to all my friends and family.

Ashley B.

This is my favorite dispensary in Denver! Every time I visit this is a requirement. If you’ve never been go and ask about the new customer discount!

Lee S.

This dispensary spot is set back from the road a little, but is definitely worth keeping an eye out for! This cute shop has med and rec for sale, and the staff was really friendly and knowledgeable when I came in.

Mia J.