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“Travel. Music. Art. Love. Cannabis”   These are all common words that you see us throwing around a lot at Trenchtown. We travel around the world to connect with communities that don’t quite look like us.  We go to a lot of shows to feel the heartbeat of live music . We paint our store with our lives.  And we spread unconditional love wherever we go.  You could say “feeling good” is strong belief held by the Trenchtown family.

On Fridays, we “feel good” by partnering with a non-profit.  We give a portion of our proceeds to their organization and help spread awareness about a particular need in our society.  This helps balance our growth and the world one Friday at time.

We have helped build health centers in Nicaragua.

We have sent hundreds of young girls to school in Guatemala and Kenya.

We supported Ziggy Marley’s foundation U.R.G.E which contributes to the lives of children in Jamaica and Africa.

We have helped rescue lions and tigers from abuse, bringing them to the world’s largest carnivore sanctuary.

This month, we bring it even closer to home with Angel Concept.  Angel Concept is a specialty gift store in Littleton, Colorado.  Angel Concept provides struggling, disadvantaged women with work-skills training in a retail environment — enabling them to build their capabilities and self-esteem, and preparing them to become successful employees in the retail world. These women may be victims of abuse, domestic violence, or substance dependency. They may be unwed mothers or homeless. They may lack basic job skills.

  • Angel Concept believes that with opportunity and education, many of these women can draw upon their inner strengths, build their self-esteem and transform their lives.
  • Angel Concept believes that they have the capacity to become self-sufficient, productive members of society.
  • Angel Concept was created to help these women break free and launch a virtuous cycle of self reliance and self-improvement.
  • Angel Concept was conceived by Sue Hosier who — after finding herself in a destructive domestic situation — transformed her own life by creating a successful 25-year nursing career and a nurturing home for her children. Through Angel Concept, Sue is helping other women find their own paths to self-sufficiency.

Angel Concept is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

We are beyond delighted to partner with these amazing people.  If you are in the area, take a trip on down the store and pick yourself up a gift.  You may just find more than what you were looking for,  you may find your own piece of “feel good Friday.”

Angel Concepts

2510 W. Main Street
Littleton CO 80120
(720) 283-8910


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Customer Reviews

I love Trenchtown they are the best. They have the best strains at affordable prices as well as friendly staff. I would recommend trenchtown to all my friends and family.

Ashley B.

This dispensary spot is set back from the road a little, but is definitely worth keeping an eye out for! This cute shop has med and rec for sale, and the staff was really friendly and knowledgeable when I came in.

Mia J.

I love Trenchtown. The flower is still in glass jars. It can be seen, and smelled… the quality flower I get here is always top notch! (Not prepackaged flower).

Renee C.

This is my favorite dispensary in Denver! Every time I visit this is a requirement. If you’ve never been go and ask about the new customer discount!

Lee S.

I am a veteran with PTSD, and I got my med card for the first time two years ago and I lived in the apartments right behind Trenchtown, instantly I was hooked when I tried their weed.

Austin M.